Monday, 8 April 2013


Hey, so it's me again :)

So, for those who don't know, one of my all time favourite bands is BILLY TALENT! One of the best Canadian bands. Ever. Anyways, I went to see their Dead Silence concert on friday night at the ACC, and I'd have to say, I had a fucking amazing time! I went with my friend Camille, who just turned 18 on Sunday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!). I just noticed that most of my friends don't listen to my kind of music, except for a select few, and it's tragic!

For those who don't know Billy Talent (you're missing out), they are a Canadian band from Mississauga, Ontario. This summer, they have been together for 20 years. The lead singer, Ben Kowalewicz is and will always be one of my celeb crushes (please don't judge) and I just adore all the other bandmates. Ian D'Sa on lead guitar, Aaron Solowoniuk on drums and Jonathan Gallant on base guitar :)

Well, back to the concert, some of the opening acts included Sum 41 (another amazing Canadian band) and Hollarado! I never knew how much I've missed listening to these bands! Haven't been too up to date with them, and once again, it's tragic.

Of course, I bought a T-shirt to remember the best concert ever, and I've been wearing it to bed like ever night since Friday (I think that's 4 nights now). Sorry if that's gross, but it still smells fine!! :)

Me and my T-shirt :)

Billy Talent played a lot of their newer songs from their new album, but they also played some of their other songs from their previous albums. Newer songs such as Viking Death March, Man Alive and Road to Absolution. Older songs such as Devil in a Midnight Mass, Saint Veronica, Falling Leaves, and Devil on My Shoulder. 

My ears and head were hurting so much afterward, but it was well worth it :) I think I really damaged my head from whipping it around so much. Oops. But, it was such good music! Why can't they play every night?!


- Aine Lasagna


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