Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Just like I said in my last post, I did go shopping today and I did spend a fair amount of money. And when I mean today, I mean that I didn't buy these items all on the same day (what?). Okay, sorry thats a bit confusing, but I bought these over the span of 2 shopping trips (oops).

So for the first 2 items, I bought these ones a few days ago, and honestly were quite a splurge.

For the first item, it's a embroidered tulle blouse from ZARA that was a pricey $60.90. Yeah, I definitely know that it's a lot (8 hours worth of work), but I have been saving up for this for a while, so finally decided to buy it.

It has a beaded pearl collar, which is one of the things that drew me to it! I love the feeling this top has on me and it will be something I will wearing throughout the fall season.

Okay, so the other item isn't exciting, but I knew that I couldn't just wear the lace top by itself and i didn't want to wear something that was colourful or even noticeable underneath (it would just draw attention away from the tops beauty), so I found a nude coloured spaghetti strap top also at ZARA. It was reasonably priced at $11.90, which I felt was an alright price. It's actually incredibly soft and a great basic article of clothing.

The other 3 things I bought were purchased today. One of them was another item from ZARA and the other 2 were bracelets from a shop called GREEN EARTH.  Green Earth is such a great quirky shop in Square One, Mississauga, that has so many great little knick-nacks (not just fashion orientated). I've found so many cleaver objects and fun little gifts that probably would make anyone crack up in laughter! Anyways, the item from Zara is a electric blue cardigan that was on sale for  $29.99. It has quarter length sleeves, a V-neck neckline and buttons down the front. I love the colour of this cardigan! It's so different and such a statement piece. It's so much my style (yup)! Gorgeous! 

The bracelets were $4.99 each. They both have a skull theme to them. One has only one silver skull that has small crystal rhinestones on the forehead, while the other has multiple little skulls making up the chain of the bracelet. Both bracelets are strung together with black rope-string and knotted all the way through the bracelet in the way that you would do if you were at summer camp making friendship bracelets (hopefully you know what I mean). Skull jewlery great for a stylish Halloween outfit, or something to wear everyday, if that's your style :) They're quite lovely pieces!

TaDa! My first shopping trip since I've created my blog. I have no more money at the moment... oops. I guess I'll have to work more shifts to pay it off.

-Aine Lasagna


Disclaimer: These sort of blog posts are made not to brag how much money I have or what I own, but to help, inform, and allow for others to develop their own style by seeing how other people style themselves. This blog was made for me to enjoy my own sense of style, and to show what I have to offer to the fashion industry. I did post the prices of the items discussed for others to compare their style budgets with their style wishlists, and to show others, as well as myself what different stores had to offer. I hope that it was helpful, and I am very sorry if I have offended anyone. Thank you for understanding.

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