Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hello Hello! And Welcome to my Blog!

I guess and introduction is in order here. My name is Aine O'Neill. I am half Chinese and half Irish (aka Ch-irish) but I do live in Canada. I do get called Aine Lasagna (if you didn't know, Aine is pronounced On-ya) quite a lot because it rhymes . Henceforth (wow, i sound quite cultured), my blog URL is appropriately named after my childhood nickname "Aine Lasagna".

As for my blog title, I created the name from something very personal to me. Lambs are such peaceful creatures with such a powerful meaning that goes along with their existence. Their innocence and doe like qualities do remind me of myself because of my shy personality. There are so many characteristics that are associated with lambs that on a personal level, are kept quite close to my heart.

Furthermore, hopefully this blog will be as successful as I want it to be, even though this is my very first post! This blog will consist of fashion, beauty and all things girly! I will blog some of my favourite fashion trends, nail art, music, shopping trips and even some sewing projects that I have been up to lately! I will try to keep up to date and blog away to my hearts desire!

One day I will look back and see this post and think of how worried I was to create a blog, let alone to make my first post, but I have to start off some how. Even though I really don't know what I am doing (ahah), or even know how to work this blog, I will manage to create something that will satisfy my girly needs and share my passion for fashion! <3


TTFN! Ta Ta For Now (from the wise words of Tiger)!

-Aine Lasagna


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