Thursday, 18 October 2012

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderand

Blue top

Striped skinny jeans

Flat heels

Yellow gold ring

Vintage looking jewelry
$29 -

Catarzi flat hat
$49 -

Hello hello! Welcome! Ladies and gentleman. Alice in Wonderland!

For this years upcoming halloween, I decided to create everyday halloween outfits without the costume part. Here is my interpretation of Alice in Wonderland! 

I decided to have 2 separate outfits with interchangeable accessories and shoes. The outfit on the left consists of a blue knitted jumper with a dramatic white collar. Dainty yet warm. Great for colder weather. But if you want something less heavy, I chose a cream blouse with a deck of cards pattern all over it. Sorta reminds me of the Queen of Hearts, does't it? I paired them with a dramatic pair of stripped jeans that I took inspiration from the twins in Alice in Wonderland; Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Now, for shoes, I found these adorable 'Alice' shoes that were actually designed to match Alice's personality. Perfect!

The second outfit was created for warmer weather and is more for that girly-girl type. I adore this dress so much! It reminds me of a modern day dress from the 50's; from the itty-bitty pleats in the skirt, to the fitted bodice! Anyways, i paired it with some cat slippers, taking inspiration from the famous cheshire cat, as well as a top hat from the Mad Hatter.

Using a red clutch with a heart embedded on it, you can get a little hint of the Queen of Hearts within each outfit as well! I also took the little rabbit into account and accessorized with a gold tone bunny necklace and ring.

I really do love these outfits because they do show my taste in fashion and clothing. I love dramatic colours mixed with prints! I also love reds, blues and gold tones together on one palette. It's very mesmerizing :)

Thankyou! And Happy Halloween!



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