Monday, 15 October 2012

Halloween. Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Motel short black dress
$68 -

Hooded toggle coat
$475 -

Hooded toggle coat
$475 -

Mulberry suede brogue

Charlotte olympia shoes

Bronze jewelry


I love the story of Little Red Ridding Hood, and with Halloween just around the corner, I thought, why don't I make an everyday outfit I could wear out based on one of my favourite fairy tale stories? And that's what I did. So here it is. These are some pieces that remind me of little red riding hood. I love the mysterious characteristic she plays off. Using darker colours such as black and the infamous red, I did just that. Using either the long or short black dress, shows more of an innocent or even mysterious quality that allow for the story to come to life in your wardrobe. Black shoes with gold tone accents, including the gold jewelry show class and bring a warm and modern feel to the outfit. For the purse, I chose something that was light and earthy. Something that sort of felt like a basket without the weave ;)

Enjoy to your hearts desire and let your imagination run free.

-Aine Lasagna


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