Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Halloween All Year Round: Military

Halloween All Year Round: Military

Topshop camo sweater

Cotton shirt

Lace up booties

Dr. martens boots
$160 - gravitypope.com

Mango zipper bag

Ray-Ban logo sunglasses
$190 - net-a-porter.com

Tada! Yes, here's another look for my series if Halloween All Year Round! As one of my favourite styles, the army or military look has a very edgy or even very grungy feel! Using metal hardware, chunky articles of clothing and the classic dark tones of color such as the greens, browns, and blacks, I have attempted to create an outfit that inspires every girls inner kick-ass attitude to come out and say hello!

For a military look, its all about oversized, chunky items that consist of dark colours, such as the famous greens and kakis, as well as metal accents. Unlike a BAMF motorcyclist, this kind of look does not consist of many leather elements, due to the fact that army clothing was made for wear-and-tear. Leather accents did make an appearance in the accessories such as the shoes and purse, but leather jackets are not in order here because a military look is less structured than one of a motorcyclist. Cotton and softer, more comfortable materials are used because one must be confortable for a day out on the field ;)

Anyways, this outfit is considered more on the "casual" due to its more confortable, less structured appearance. 

Hopefully you like! Happy Halloween! 

-Aine Lasagna 


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