Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Grade 12

Tomorrow is the first day of school for me, and quite frankly, I'm scared. For some reason, my school had a PA day on the first day of school, which was today. Like, who does that? Do we need a day break from summer or something? Well, today I've been procrastinating everything that I should have prepared for tomorrows day of school. Yeah, I still haven't done anything, which makes me a hell of a lot more nervous than ever. I just bring it upon myself, I suppose. Hopefully I will have people in my classes that I know because that will make me a whole lot calmer.

I'm going into my last year of highschool and I don't really know what to expect. My friends are mostly concerned over the fact that we have to go through another year of school, but I'm so nervous about what will happen to me when this year is over. I don't exactly know where I'm headed, what university I want to apply to and what kind of things to expect in my last year.

I might as well start to prepare some stuff for tomorrow before my head explodes with all these thoughts ;).

Anyways, I hope everyone else had a great first day of school today while I cried in the corner hoping that there will be a snow day or something tomorrow and for the next 10 months of school (in summer? Yeah right! Dream on, big girl).

I am excited for prom and graduation though! I hope it's as fun as it sounds! I wonder who will be my date? Hummm... ;)

On a side note, I did have a good day shopping and getting caught in the rain with the gals on the way to Tim Hortons this afternoon! Frolicking in the rain is quite exhilarating! Hehe! But I sort of looked like a wet rat afterwards...

*Ready to survive another school year!*


- Aine Lasagna


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