Saturday, 15 September 2012

City and Colour 2012

My friend and I waiting for Dallas!
In a previous post, I said I was going to the City and Colour concert on September 12 at the Molson Ampatheatre. Well... it was such a great concert! Dallas Green is a beautiful man inside and out. He really does care about his fans and stays true to his music. He reminds me of a kid with big dreams who's trying to get the best of life with his love of music. Oh wait, that's exactly what he is! He really created music to his liking, hoping that there would be other people who enjoy it as well. Dallas honestly sounds great live and I would totally recommend that everyone to go to one of his concerts just to hear his passion for his music. It was such an incredible experience, I couldn't contain myself throughout the whole concert.

Anyways, my best friend and I got there 2 hours too early, which surprisingly wasn't that boring. We watched all the different people come into the ampatheatre, took pictures and talkled about how exciting this experience was. We also bought some chicken strips to eat ;)

My dinner and belongings
I was so glad to have a seat this time round instead of being on the lawn, like at the One Direction concert in May, because first of all, we were closer to the stage and could see more, and secondly, we could put our bags down in front of us without worrying about stepping on them. I really loved where we sat, even though it wasn't that close to the stage :) But it was close enough to make out what was going on!

The opening acts started at 6:15pm. There was bands such as The Grey Kingdom, whom were personally picked to open for City and Colour by Dallas himself, and The Avett Brothers. They both had such great music and I had such a great experience listening to other bands! I really need to check out their music later because I thought they were so good live! So much energy and dedication in their performance! Hopefully their albums will have that same dedication in them.

I totally flipped out when they finally came on like 2 hours later! They played my all time favourite City and Colour song first called Casey's Song! I was freaking a bit. Well, maybe just more than a bit. I was freaking a lot! I truly love that song with a passion and it was a great start to such a wonderful concert.

This band truly has so much talent, and are very genuine to what they like and believe in with their taste in music. Honestly, I thought it was so cute how Dallas dedicated all of his songs to something in his life, such as his parents, or his uncle who gave him his first guitar, or just past experiences that created great impacts in his life. Unlike artists that make up songs about fantasy parties, or getting drunk on friday nights that consist of clique, meaningless lyrics, they created music that has a back story and genuine emotion behind the lyrics. Not trying to disrespect other artists, but the kind of artist such as City and Colour and Dallas Green really have a special place on my respect scale for what they do and what they've accomplished with their passion for music. It's sort of hard to explain the respect I have for them because this fan base is so different from other fan bases, such as from the One Direction fans. The fans are so much different then those of 1D, and I'm so happy for it. Not to mention that I am so so soooo glad that the fans didn't scream throughout the whole concert (unlike the 1D concert). Instead, we sat back and enjoyed the music like how we're suppose to at a concert. Listen to the music live, and see your favourite artists perform their hearts out with what they enjoy doing the most. Music is artistic, creative, and imaginative. Full of emotion, dedication and respect of one's self. It's an masterpiece.

Dallas Green and City and Colour near the end of the night :)
One thing I did regret was not staying right to the end of the encore. They played 2 or 3 encore songs and my friend and I left at the end of the first one to miss the mad rush out for the train. We did see him play Comin' Home though! Great song! Another one of my favourites. But, we just made it on time for the train and got home just before midnight. I don't think I could have asked for a better way to start off my first week of grade 12!

City and Colour concert T-shirt!
It's so awesome looking!
-Aine Lasagna


P.S. I will be posting a Concert Outfit post soon to show my "stylish" outfit I wore to see City and Colour ;) aha! TTFN

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