Sunday, 16 September 2012

Concert Outfit

Finally, so, this is my outfit I wore to the City and Colour Concert last Wednesday. It's quite plain, but I know I was going to be jumping around quite a bit so I kept the outfit on the comfy level.

The outfit consisted of a soft-pink sleeveless top I bought from H&M for about $20 two years ago, black jeggings from AMERICAN EAGLE for about $50 (a bit pricey, but very well made), and a electric blue cardigan from ZARA I bought a few weeks ago for $30. All-in-all, it was a very practical outfit to wear for a concert, comfort and style wise.

For jewelry, I wore golden cross earrings from FOREVER 21 for only a few dollars and my everyday birdy necklace from H&M for about $7. For shoes, I just wore my grey low-top converse. Very minimal and yes, quite a boring outfit, but i was very comfy.

I kept my hair down, mostly because I just got it cut the night before and wanted to show it off ;). It was very soft and flowy, and I was feeling it all night (hehe). Well, I also kept my makeup minimal, like I do everyday. Like I said before, it was such a great concert! 

CITY AND COLOUR! Hey, it's Dallas Green!

-Aine Lasagna


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